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Tree Service In Delaware, OH

Blue Grass Tree & Lawn is proud to provide high-quality tree care, tree removal, stump grinding, and other tree services to the residents of Delaware, OH, and the surrounding region, including Mount Vernon and Marysville. As a locally-owned and operated full-service tree care provider, we appreciate that community members choose our company and personalized service to help support our local economy. In return for this loyalty, we plead to provide each customer with exceptional value for their investment in professional tree service, from expert trimming to safe and dependable tree removal. Call (740) 480-5187 to request a free price estimate for any tree service in Delaware or 24/7 emergency service to experience the superior quality of Blue Grass Tree & Lawn.

Your Affordable Tree Removal Resource

Tree removal can be a costly and harrowing project unless you hire the right company for the job. At Blue Grass Tree & Lawn, we specialize in safely removing even the most challenging trees leaning over structures or with severe damage. Our seasoned experts understand the inherent risk of each tree removal and are skilled at making complete assessments before beginning every removal. The use of quality tools, knowledge, and proper safety devices and techniques allows our staff to complete each tree removal successfully.

We Always Recommend Professional Stump Grinding

Some of our customers look at stump grinding as an unnecessary cost. However, our staff always points out that there are many reasons to remove that unsightly stump other than the eyesore that it becomes. Safety is the primary reason we offer professional stump grinding with each tree removal service. From a tripping hazard to the pieces of rotting wood the stump will create, all are dangerous. Stepping on a loose piece of a rotted tree stump is a sure way to sprain an ankle. And if that chunk is sucked under a mower deck, it will instantly become a dangerous projectile. Finally, rotting tree stumps often harbor ants, termites, and other insects that will damage your home, deck, and patio. So please consider the Blue Grass Tree & Lawn affordable solution of professional tree stump grinding.

Why Invest In Professional Trimming And Pruning?

Blue Grass Tree & Lawn’s professional trimming and pruning provide multiple benefits to your trees and property. The most important is the increased longevity and health of properly pruned trees. This affordable routine care is the best way to reduce the potential for storm damage and the loss of a tree, as well as ensure proper growth, shape, and stability. In addition, your investment in our horticulturally based trimming and pruning techniques will be rewarded with lush trees that increase the beauty and value of your Delaware property.

Trustworthy Emergency Tree Services

When a strong storm passes through Delaware, your trees could sustain damage and become a safety hazard. Trees that are leaning, uprooted, or have large debris handing over your home’s roof need immediate attention from the pros at Blue Grass Tree & Lawn. Call us 24/7 at (740) 480-5187 for emergency service or to request storm damage cleanup to restore your Delaware property’s safety, function, and beauty quickly and cost-effecitvly.

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