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Dublin Tree Service

Homeowners in Dublin and nearby Marysville appreciate the added value and beauty that mature trees bring to their properties. They also know that professional tree care is the only way to ensure the health and longevity of these sizable assets, so they are very grateful for the services provided by Blue Grass Tree & Lawn. As a locally-owned and operated full-service tree company, these experts are dedicated to helping property owners get the most benefit for their investment in expert tree care. In addition, customers find the honesty and integrity of the company to be refreshing and inspiring. Putting customer needs first is not a slogan at Blue Grass Tree & Lawn. It is the foundation of their company. Call (740) 480-5187 for a free price quote and experience the benefits of working with true professionals in the tree service industry.

Exceptional Tree Removal Service

At Blue Grass Tree & Lawn, we never view tree removal as a routine service. Every tree, property, and soil condition can vary. So there can be concealed challenges that we must be prepared to handle on any tree removal project. We focus on teamwork, intensive training, and attention to detail to ensure that every tree we remove ends in success with no damage to our customer’s property or injuries. So even if you have a tree leaning over your home or near power lines or other obstructions, know that the Blue Grass Tree & Lawn team will get it removed safely and at a fair price.

Essential Stump Grinding Services

If you believe you can overlook the eyesore of a tree stump on your property, the team at Blue Grass Tree & Lawn would like you to consider the safety hazards it creates. From a tripping risk to a new home for rodents, pests, and insects, that tree stump can create many issues in the future. Or, for a very reasonable rate, the Blue Grass Tree & Lawn experts can completely remove any visible sign of a tree stump and its safety hazards. Call us at (740) 480-5187 for a free price estimate for tree removal and stump grinding for your Dublin home.

Why Professional Tree Trimming And Pruning Are Vital

The experts at Blue Grass Tree & Lawn have years of training and experience providing proper trimming and pruning for all varieties of trees. While trees living in a natural environment face challenges that shape and thin them, trees become overly dense and experience a shortened life expectancy in a residential setting. Proper trimming and thinning will add years to your tree’s longevity, enhance overall health, and improve its appearance.

Fast Emergency Tree Service

When you have a fallen tree or other hazard related to a mature tree at your Dublin home, the Blue Grass Tree & Lawn team is just a call away at (740) 480-5187. We offer complete emergency tree services 24/7 to ensure that you are never forced to worry about the safety of your loved ones or home because of a fallen, leaning, or damaged tree on your property. In addition, we offer complete storm damage cleanup to remove debris and correctively prune any damaged trees.

What Our Customers Are Saying

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