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When Trees Become a Storm Hazard in Las Vegas

Man sawing tree at the top of the tree with chainsaw and all safety equipment needed for cutting the tree tops.

In February 2023, a powerful winter storm passed through the Winchester district of East Las Vegas. Several trees were uprooted overnight. Some Winchester residents reported hearing a loud boom that they initially thought was thunder, but it was actually a 40-foot tree that had been completely blown out of its spot by strong wind gusts. […]

Eliminate Tripping Hazards and Reap the Benefits of Stump Removal

A stump from a huge tree in the park, cutting down trees in the summer.

Whether you recently chopped down a tree or inherited an unsightly stump from previous owners, stumps are an eyesore in your yard. If you’re not careful, they can become a safety hazard as well. Don’t let a tree stump spoil your grounds. Instead, keep reading to learn why you should consider stump removal. Remove a […]

Here Are Signs Your Tree Is Dying and Should Be Removed

Fallen tree in the front yard of a residential home after storm. The tree has been cut into sections before removal.

One of the many joys of owning a home in Columbus, OH is the chance to determine what you’re going to do with it. Many Columbus, OH homeowners love having a nice backyard with beautiful trees, including native species like the oak and purple-studded redbud. Unfortunately, all trees will eventually die, and some will do […]

Blooming Ornamental Trees in Columbus

Cherry Blossom Pathway in a Country Park

The soil and climate of Columbus are just right for a variety of blooming ornamental trees. These include kanzan cherry trees, redbuds, flowering quince, dogwoods, and hawthorns. These flowering trees are mostly easy to grow, but they need proper care to be as strong, healthy, and productive as they can be. Depending on the species, […]