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5 Tips for Choosing the Right Tree Removal Service in Summer

Man with chainsaw cutting the tree

Homeowners decide to remove trees during the summer for a range of reasons, and these include clearing space for construction projects, eliminating hazardous overgrown limbs, and preventing the spread of diseases between trees. Whatever the motivation, it is critical to choose the right tree removal service. To assist you in making an informed decision, follow […]

Safe Tree Removal Is a Terrific Investment in Your Property

worker using a chainsaw to cut branches

When spring causes the leaves on trees to open, you should examine the trees on your property. Are there branches that appear broken? Has the bark fallen off? If you have a tree that is damaged, dying or at risk, have a professional check it out, then treat or remove it. Risks to Consider As […]

Why You Should Wait Until Winter to Trim and Prune Trees

Pruning tree with pruning saw

In Ohio, you don’t need to see snow on the trees to remind you that the trees are in winter mode. All you need to notice are the bare tree branches. However, the hesitation in pruning and trimming bare branches is wondering whether it’s a good time to do that. You may not want to […]

Get Expert Help to Determine What Trees Can Be Saved

electric chainsaw used to cut down a tree

Whether you just purchased a property or have owned it for years, your trees may need attention. A single windstorm can do a great deal of damage to the health of your trees. Pests can move into a neighborhood and wipe out an entire species of trees. If you have a tree that didn’t fully […]

3 Reasons to Trim Trees Before Installing Holiday Decorations

Trimming tree with electric saw

With the holidays fast approaching, many homeowners have started thinking about the perfect way to decorate their houses. Although your outdoor trees offer you many great options for displaying hanging decorations and lights, they can also potentially cause serious problems. Diseased, overgrown, or dead trees can make it seem like you don’t care about maintaining […]

4 Tips for Caring for Your Trees in the Fall

Pruning shears in the garden

Caring for your tree during fall is highly recommended because it not only helps maintain the health of your tree but also prepares it for winter. Furthermore, when you properly care for your tree in the fall, you help protect it from pests that may attack and infect it with diseases when winter comes. Below […]

The Importance of Pruning Trees During the Summer

Someone cutting down the branches of a tree

Trees require regular pruning as part of their maintenance. It involves cutting branches of a tree to improve its health and structure. Although pruning is often associated with older trees, it’s actually necessary for the healthy growth of younger trees as well. In fact, most trees benefit greatly from summertime pruning for a number of […]

What You Need to Know About Trimming Trees in the Spring

gardener pruning fruit tree brunches with pruning shears

Should trees be trimmed in the spring? The answer is yes. In fact, most arborists encourage it. However, there are some instances where trimming trees in the spring is not really recommended. It is, therefore, advisable that you contact a local tree service company to help you determine whether you can have your trees pruned […]

Tips for Winter Tree Care

Snow covered trees at Fort Williams Park in portland Maine on a sunny blue sky day.

The winters in Columbus can get very cold and very snowy. Trees are designed to withstand a lot, but they can use some assistance during the winter. Protecting your trees can help them make it through tough conditions. Pruning After its leaves have fallen off in the fall, the structure of a tree is more […]

This Is How Cold Winters Can Have an Impact on Your Trees

Autumn trees with colorful foliage in forest or park on foggy morning. Fall landscape background with yellow and orange trees in fog

Residents of Columbus, OH know all about the impact of winter. This is one part of the country that gets lots of ice and snow. The colder weather can also have an effect on all of the trees on your Columbus, OH property. It’s important to know the signs that your trees might have a […]