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Branching Out for Better Health: Why Tree Trimming Matters

Pruning with pruning saws

Trees are integral to life. They provide shade on a sweltering day, clean our air, and bring beauty to our planet. To continue to serve us, however, they need good care. That’s where tree trimming comes into the picture. It might seem like a simple act of cutting off some branches, but regular trimming is […]

Bringing the Art of Whimsical Topiary to Your Own Yard

gardener pruning a tree

Topiary is the art of shaping trees and shrubs by carefully pruning and trimming them into specific shapes. This practice dates back centuries and was used to create impressive displays in grand gardens. Today, topiary is a fun way to add a touch of whimsy and personality to your own backyard. If you are thinking […]

Tree Pruning in Summer Brings Risks and Benefits

arborist cutting branch with saw

Trimming and pruning trees to maintain health or change their shape can be done at nearly any time. However, if your trees suffer damage from spring storms or high summer winds, you will need to invest in summer tree pruning. Positives of Summer Tree Pruning Once the weather heats up and your yard is dry, […]

6 Tree Removal Issues and Solutions

worker cutting down large tree

Trees offer shade, improve air quality, and increase your property value, but they need care. Trees can weaken from root issues, diseases, and pests that lead to tree removals. Tree removals are necessary for safety reasons or to create space. 1. Damage From Storms Trees can weaken from age, illness, or pests, which make storms […]

Protect Your Family and Property With Professional Tree Removal

Arborist cutting branches with chainsaw.

If you have a tree that has recently suffered storm damage or damage from pests, it may be dying. A dying or dead tree on your property can be a dangerous hazard to your family and passersby. For the safety of your household and neighborhood, you’ll need to address this issue quickly. 1. Dead Trees […]

Some Things You Might Not Know About Evergreen Trees

Pruning shears in the garden in early spring

Some of the most majestic trees are evergreens, which means they hold onto their greenery all yearlong, even in winter. This doesn’t mean they don’t shed their leaves or needles; they simply don’t shed them all at once as deciduous trees do. Here are some facts about these marvelous plants. Not All Evergreens Are Conifers […]

Common Signs of Nutrient Deficiency in Trees

A suburban Midwestern neighborhood street lined with green trees and homes during a sunny day

If your trees are not looking as healthy as they should, they might be deficient in vital nutrients. Many different signs can indicate this, and it is important to know what to look for so you can correct the problem. Also, certain trees may be more prone to nutrient deficiency than others. Trees can have […]

Winter Tree Care Tips for Desert Areas

Into the forest. Nature composition.

The desert is a harsh environment in the winter, and your trees need extra care to survive. They cannot survive the cold temperatures and dry air without extra help. Here are some tips for winter tree care in the desert. Water Regularly During the winter months, water your trees once a week. This will ensure […]

Top Reasons Why You Should Remove Trees From Your Property

dead tree

When you have trees on your property, it’s important to invest in correctly maintaining them. Otherwise, damage, disease, or infestation can turn the trees into hazards. Trees that are older, damaged, or dead should be removed from your property. A skilled tree service can help you with this process and make sure that everyone is […]

Winter Fruit Tree Care Tips

Yellow ripe pears are hanging on the tree.

Winter can be hard on fruit trees. Ironically, many fruit trees such as apples and pears need a dormant period of cold temperatures to produce fruit. Still, you’ll want to protect your trees not only from really brutal cold but also from the dryness that often accompanies it. Here are some tips to prepare your […]