Winter Fruit Tree Care Tips

Yellow ripe pears are hanging on the tree.

Winter can be hard on fruit trees. Ironically, many fruit trees such as apples and pears need a dormant period of cold temperatures to produce fruit. Still, you’ll want to protect your trees not only from really brutal cold but also from the dryness that often accompanies it. Here are some tips to prepare your […]

Top 4 Tree Pruning Tips for Optimum Health

Arborist cutting branches with chainsaw. Action shot, visible saw dust.

Pruning is an essential tree care practice that can boost the health of your landscaping trees. It improves structural stability and reduces the risk of diseases. You can apply these four tips to get the best results for your plants. 1. Prune Young Trees to Promote Tree Health Pruning young trees will reinforce the plant’s […]

5 Signs You Need Tree Removal Services After a Storm

Patch of mushrooms growing on a dying tree trunk

Severe storms in the spring and summer can weaken trees and cause accidents on your property. It is critical to remove damaged or diseased trees after a storm. Here are five signs it’s time to call a professional tree service for tree removal. 1. The Tree Has Cavities and Cracks on the Trunk A dying […]

Identifying and Treating Common Problems of Ohio Trees

Maple tree fungal disease

Trees are a beautiful enhancement to a property, and keeping them healthy should be one of the property owner’s main priorities. Unfortunately, the trees in Ohio can be affected by a number of different afflictions that can cause declines in the tree’s appearance and overall health. Over the summer, the humidity in Columbus often makes […]