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Tree Placement Can Affect Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Trees can enhance properties in the Columbus area. Studies have shown that trees can contribute to property value, and they can also help us feel more connected to nature. Did you know that trees can even contribute to energy efficiency? If trees are planted in the right locations, you may be able to save money on your utility bills.

Keeping You Cool

Trees provide shade and give us a respite from the hot, sunny weather that we can have in Ohio. If you plant trees near your home, you can give your place some extra shade and keep it from getting too warm indoors. In the fall, this isn’t necessarily something we’re concerned about in our region, but excessive heat can be a problem in the middle of the summer. If you think ahead and plant a tree now, you’ll be able to keep your house cooler when summer makes its return.

Planting leafy trees west of your house can keep some of the afternoon sun away. Be sure that you research how big a tree can get before you plant it. As it matures, you don’t want it creeping into the neighbor’s property, getting close to power lines, or having its roots affect the integrity of your foundation, for example. You should keep some distance between the tree and your home, remembering that the afternoon sun shines at an angle and the subsequent shadows cast could be pretty long. If you ever do need help with pruning, we’d be happy to step in.

Shade Your Air Conditioner

Your air conditioner will work more efficiently if it’s not baking in the direct sun. If your home doesn’t provide shade for the unit, you could plant a small tree, or even a tall shrub, near it.

Blocking the Wind

Trees can also help you conserve energy in the winter. As we know all too well from our winters here in Columbus, wind can make the temperature seem much cooler. Your house can stay warmer if it doesn’t get as much exposure to wind. Trees, when planted strategically, can act as a windbreak. Evergreens can do an excellent job of blocking the wind and helping your home retain some of its heat. To get the maximum effect, plant a long row of trees, spacing them fairly close together, on the west or south side of your property. This is typically where the cold wind comes from in the winter. The row of trees should be wider than the width of your house, if possible.

Year-Round Benefits

Trees can help keep our homes more comfortable both in the summer and winter. The fall can be a perfect time to assess your property and have some new trees planted. If you need help taking care of any of your trees, call us at Bluegrass Tree & Lawn today.