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Snow covered trees at Fort Williams Park in portland Maine on a sunny blue sky day.

Tips for Winter Tree Care

The winters in Columbus can get very cold and very snowy. Trees are designed to withstand a lot, but they can use some assistance during the winter. Protecting your trees can help them make it through tough conditions.


After its leaves have fallen off in the fall, the structure of a tree is more apparent. You can more easily see which branches are weak, dead, or poorly supported. By removing them, you are doing the tree a favor. In the spring, it won’t have to waste energy by sending nutrients to these damaged areas. Instead, it can focus on healthy growth.

There are a few other reasons why winter pruning can be ideal. First of all, it won’t disturb any bird nests or other animals that may be living in the trees in the warmer months. If heavy machinery is necessary, the ground may be more resilient to the equipment in the winter versus the summer. Plus, and this is an important point, a recently pruned tree won’t be as vulnerable to pathogens or pests in colder months. Diseases tend to spread quickly when the weather is warm, and they like to target trees that have just been pruned. In the winter, this isn’t as likely to happen.


Some trees and shrubs that are close to roads and driveways may need to be protected from road salt and other de-icing products. Wrapping those plants with burlap or another material helps to prevent the salt and other material from touching them. Wrapping can also prevent deer from munching on your plants.

Another tip is to have newly planted trees or trees with thin bark wrapped in a white or reflective material. This will prevent sunscald. Sunscald can occur when during an occasional sunny and warm winter day in the middle of winter. During these days, trees are tricked into thinking that they can activate their cells again. Unfortunately, when the sun goes down and the cooler weather settles in, these cells can then be damaged, and bark can be discolored or cracked. Wrapping the trees will prevent the sun from warming up the tree too much.


Mulching can be an effective way to help the soil retain its moisture and to remain at a more constant temperature. Without proper mulch, the roots of some trees on your property may be vulnerable to cold temperatures, and they could be severely weakened after a cold snap. If you put a few inches of mulch on the ground around a tree, this situation can potentially be prevented.

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