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Emergency Tree Service In Columbus

Emergency tree service in Columbus is typically not something homeowners think about until it is needed. Then there is a sense of panic as they wonder who offers 24/7 Columbus storm damage tree service and if they are reliable. Luckily, central Ohio residents know that when they need emergency storm damage tree removal in Columbus, a locally owned and operated reputable tree service is ready to help. All it takes is a single call to (740) 480-5187, and the experts at Blue Grass Tree & Lawn will arrive promptly to provide you with peace of mind and cost-effective solutions for any tree service or tree removal needed.

Safety Is Always First

When you discover that a mature tree has fallen, has a significant branch dangling over your Columbus rooftop, or has been severely damaged by a storm, never take matters into your own hands. Without hands-on experience, the proper tools, and safety equipment, you are risking your safety and that of your home attempting to correct these problems. Instead, call (740) 480-5187 for professional service from the highly trained tree care experts at Blue Grass Tree & Lawn.

Our team will arrive promptly to assess the tree in question and provide you with affordable options for emergency tree removal, trimming, or other corrective emergency tree service in Columbus. Our goal is to eliminate your safety hazard and stress as quickly as possible while also charging a fair and honest price. We never take advantage of the situation and add hidden fees when you need our expertise and assistance the most.

When To Call In A Professional

Several times, tree damage requires the help of professionals like the experts at Blue Grass Tree & Lawn. Even a fallen tree can be unevenly balanced and will shift and create an imminent safety concern as you begin to remove branches or cut them into smaller pieces. Other tree emergencies that warrant a call to (740) 480-5187 include:
All of these situations represent a significant safety hazard to you and your property. Never risk your safety. Instead, call the experts at Blue Grass Tree & Lawn for a very affordable price quote for any of our services. We are fully licensed and insured to provide added peace of mind to our customers.

Storm Damage Cleanup

The Blue Grass Tree & Lawn team is also here to assist you with any storm damage cleanup related to your trees. Corrective pruning, removing damaged branches, and cleaning up leaves and debris are all services we are happy to provide to our loyal customers in the Columbus area. Call (740) 480-5187 today for a free price quote.

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