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Patch of mushrooms growing on a dying tree trunk

Is There a Dangerous Tree in Your Yard?

Planting a tree in your yard may initially seem like a great addition to your landscape. But if you ignore the signs that a tree is becoming dangerous, it can cause problems for you and your neighbors. Below are a few red flags to look out for.

Leaning Tree

Trees should stand straight, not lean to the side. If you have a tree that is leaning, it may indicate a structural weakness. It could also indicate a root problem. It’s best to get a professional to take a look right away before it falls in the next storm.

Dead or Diseased Branches

Your tree may look healthy in general, but it could have dead or diseased branches. The branches may be discolored or have other signs of decay. If left untreated, the problem could spread and eventually kill the tree. Don’t hesitate to call a tree specialist if you see something suspicious.

Cavities in the Trunk

If you notice any hollow areas in the trunk, it could signify decay. It could also be an indication of a disease or pest problem. This can weaken the overall structure and make it more susceptible to wind damage or other stresses. A professional can inspect the tree and determine if it needs to be removed or treated.

Mushrooms Growing Around the Base

Mushrooms growing around the base of a tree are an indication that there is decay in the roots. This can cause the tree to become unstable and eventually lead to its demise. If you spot these fungi, it’s important to have it looked at right away to assess the situation and determine how best to proceed.

Cracked or Raised Soil

When you look around the base of a tree, pay attention to any raised or cracked soil. This can indicate that the roots have grown too large and are affecting the surrounding soil. It can also indicate an under- or over-watering issue, which can cause weakened roots and instability. In this case, you may need to call in a professional to provide suggestions for managing the situation.

An Unusually High Number of Pests

If you’re noticing an unusually high number of pests on the tree, such as aphids, borers, or caterpillars, it could indicate that the tree is unhealthy. This can lead to a weakened structure, so taking action as soon as possible is critical.

If you spot any of these signs, taking action is essential. Our professional tree removal service at Bluegrass Tree & Lawn in Columbus, OH can assess the tree and determine the best action to take, so call us today. If you also need stump grinding, trimming and pruning, or land clearing, we can provide you with an assessment. We strive to provide the highest-quality service to our customers and can help ensure your trees are safe and healthy.