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Tree Service In Newark, OH

Residents of Newark appreciate that when they need expert tree service, all that is required is a call to (740) 480-5187. The experts at locally owned and operated Blue Grass Tree & Lawn are responsive, prompt, and very affordable for all their expert tree care. As a company focused on providing exceptional services to the central Ohio area, these pros always offer a free price estimate, exceed customers’ expectations, and work hard to keep their prices fair and affordable for their fellow Ohioans. And if you need help with a fallen tree or other emergencies, Blue Grass Tree & Lawn provides 24/7 emergency service, so you never need to worry about a tree that is about to fall and create costly damage to your home.

Reliable Tree Removal Service

Removing a mature tree can be a challenge even for a well-trained team of experts. So when you have a tree that is declining in health or has suffered severe storm damage, call (740) 480-5187 for exceptional and safe tree removal from Blue Grass Tree & Lawn. Our professionals have years of expertise in removing trees, using the latest equipment and safety devices, and focusing on each detail of the process to ensure a safe tree removal at a fair and honest price.

Professional Stump Grinding

Some homeowners choose to omit stump grinding from their Blue Grass Tree & Lawn tree removal proposal thinking that they can handle this simple task. They believe that while it sounds arduous, it requires little skill. However, anyone who has dug out a tree stump or tried to operate a stump grinder for the first time will argue those points. The Blue Grass Tree & Lawn team has the professional-grade equipment and skill to remove any tree stump quickly and completely. So please, allow us to remove this hazard from your property to avoid potential injuries or accidents that could occur if you try to remove it yourself.

Proper Tree Trimming At Affordable Prices

The tree experts at Blue Grass Tree & Lawn understand the structure and shape of each variety of tree on your property. With this knowledge and years of expertise, our crews trim and prune each tree following horticulturally established best practices to ensure its overall health and beauty. From thinning inside the canopy to removing improperly formed growth, our pros will focus on each tree’s needs to ensure that you are getting the most value for your investment in professional tree trimming and pruning.

Affordable Emergency Tree Services

When a storm blows through Newark, there is always the potential for tree damage. High wind and rain can result in downed trees, large limbs hanging from trees, and branches littering your property. The Blue Grass Tree & Lawn team is here 24/7 when you discover a safety issue related to any of your trees. And we never increase our prices or add hidden fees to provide professional tree service when you need it the most. Call (740) 480-5187 and know that our team will provide a fair and honest price estimate for your emergency service or storm damage cleanup to eliminate your worry and stress as quickly as possible.

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