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Fun Facts About Pruning Trees That Everyone Should Know About

Trees offer you shade and add aesthetics to your property. Properly pruned trees can raise the property value and can each absorb one ton of carbon dioxide. There are more fun facts about tree pruning that everyone should know.

1. Trees Increase Your Property Value

A healthy tree can have a value of up to $10,000, and two trees can produce enough oxygen annually for a family of four. Trees offer shade and wind buffering for people living near them, which saves roughly $2.1 billion in heating and cooling costs annually. You may save about $7 with environmental benefits annually for each mature tree.

Well-maintained trees can increase your property value. Well-placed trees can even reduce your annual air conditioning needs by up to 30%. Wildly growing branches may prevent your grass and flowers from receiving enough sunlight.

2. Ensure the Health of Your Trees

Your trees may look misshapen when you don’t regularly trim them. The random directions of branches give trees a messy appearance. Trimming your trees helps keep the shape of the crown because wild branches may start thinning the leaves.

A mature tree removes up to 70 times the pollution around your yard than a young tree. Our tree services can prune your trees and increase their health and longevity. Trimming branches not only keep trees looking good but it can remove any diseased branches as well.

3. Increase the Aesthetics of Your Landscape

Unmaintained trees can ruin your landscape aesthetics because dense branches block sunlight. Regular tree trimming helps sunlight and rain reach flowers, shrubs, and grass. A tree can absorb as much carbon dioxide annually, which is the equivalent of a car driving 26,000 miles.

4. There Are Different Types of Tree Pruning

Crown cleaning and thinning is when we remove dead, weak, or diseased branches, but it’s important not to over-thin the crown. Crown reductions allow us to reduce the size but keep the tree’s shape, and crown raising helps keep branches away from buildings, signs, and vehicles.

Utility pruning allows us to check for and remove branches that could interfere with power lines. Tree topping can reduce the tree size but can damage the tree in the long run. You can perform crown restoration to fix a poor tree topping, but professional tree services should handle any pruning.

5. Increase Your Property’s Safety

Dead or diseased branches may become a hazard on your property by falling on people or objects. Dry branches may break easier during a storm and injure you or someone else. Our tree service can trim dry or diseased branches and check the tree for dangerous spots during maintenance.

Trees help your property’s safety, comfort, and value in many ways, and there are many reasons to maintain them. Pruning is the most common way to maintain your trees and keep your landscaping aesthetically pleasing. If you need tree trimming in Columbus, OH, call us at Bluegrass Tree & Lawn for an appointment today.