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4 Tips for Caring for Your Trees in the Fall

Caring for your tree during fall is highly recommended because it not only helps maintain the health of your tree but also prepares it for winter. Furthermore, when you properly care for your tree in the fall, you help protect it from pests that may attack and infect it with diseases when winter comes. Below are the tips you need to consider for effective tree care in the autumn.

1. Get Rid of Fallen Tree Leaves

Most trees shed their leaves during autumn, and when this happens, you should be keen to remove the fallen trees as soon as possible. That is because fallen leaves often provide a perfect hiding spot for disease-causing fungi.

The fungi over-winterize and wait for the warm spring raindrops to awaken them so they can re-infect the tree. Removing fallen leaves can help reduce the chances of this happening. Needless to say, grab a rake this fall and remove all the fallen leaves near your tree.

2. Mulch Young Trees

Mulching offers insulation to the roots of trees, thereby protecting them from the cold that comes around in late fall and the whole of winter. Mulching also helps the soil retain organic matter and moisture. It is a cost-effective and quick way to maintain the health of your trees.

3. Keep the Trees Hydrated by Watering Them in Fall

Trees can experience drought stress even during fall; hence, one of the ways to prevent this is to water them regularly during fall. When watering your trees, you should mostly focus on the roots to ensure the tree absorbs as much water as possible. Watering the foliage is never recommended because it can lead to the spread of diseases.

Furthermore, you should consider watering thoroughly and deeply for one to two times every week. You should also water your trees in the morning to make it easier for trees to withstand the heat throughout the day as well as to avoid evaporation. Since sprinklers only wet the top layer of the soil and do not thoroughly water trees, you should avoid them entirely.

4. Protect Your Trees From Borer Attack

Borers prefer to enter susceptible trees during fall and spend their time there until winter comes. Borers are among the most destructive pests, which can affect your trees in many different ways. Some include the Ambrosia Beetle, Emerald Ash Borer, Bronze Birch Borer, and Longhorned Beetle.

To protect your tree from borers, consider making it unattractive to them so they can divert their attention elsewhere. One of the ways to ensure borers do not attack your trees during fall is to have a professional tree care company treat them with insecticides. Experienced arborists know what kinds of insecticides are harmful to borers and other pests.

From fertilizing the roots of trees to contacting your local arborists to applying insecticides, fall tree care tips are numerous. Although you can easily achieve some of these tips on your own, in some instances, you will need the help of a professional. If you are in Columbus, OH and looking for professional trimming and pruning services, call Bluegrass Tree & Lawn today.