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Get Expert Help to Determine What Trees Can Be Saved

Whether you just purchased a property or have owned it for years, your trees may need attention. A single windstorm can do a great deal of damage to the health of your trees. Pests can move into a neighborhood and wipe out an entire species of trees. If you have a tree that didn’t fully leaf out last year, now is the time consider removing it.

There Are Many Good Reasons for Tree Removal

Perhaps your trees are healthy but are too close to your home. Tree roots can do a lot of damage to foundations. An old tree in your backyard may be feeding off of your sewer line and causing damage to the pipes as well as creating yearly clogs. Replacing your sewer line may be necessary, but this can force you to remove the tree as well.

Before you go to the trouble and expense of repairing the damage done by tree roots, you will need to have the tree removed. To avoid dealing with suckers and new invasive growth, the stump will need to be ground out as well.

These Tasks Require Special Skills and Tools

You’re well aware that trees are heavy. If you’ve had big branches come down on your property, you also know that they are incredibly awkward to move and can be dangerous to cut up. A downed branch can still be dangerous if it becomes unbalanced and rolls.

Hire a skilled professional to check out your trees. If you have a tree that is looking sickly, it may be saved with the right care. A skilled arborist can tell you if a tree must be removed. If you love the shade canopy or the fall color provided by a particular tree, a good trimming and a pest treatment might be able to save it, but only a knowledgeable professional can tell you that.

Keep an Eye Out for Pests

A tree that is dying will become a haven for pests. While bees might move in, it’s also entirely possible that you’ll soon be facing wasps or hornets. Boring insects may dig deep into the diseased portion of the tree and put the rest of your trees at risk.

Once pests find a single home on your property, they’ll look for other places to hang out. Wasps and hornets might try to build a home in your outbuildings or even your attic. Once a tree is dying, it needs to come out to protect your property and family.

A skilled professional can help you make the final decision. They can also safely remove the tree, protecting your household and property from the hazards inherent in tree removal. Reach out to us at Bluegrass Tree & Lawn in Columbus, OH for information about tree care and safe tree removal options in the coming year.