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Tree stump close up in a coniferous forest

Top Ways Professional Stump Grinding Can Save You Significant Money

Tree stumps are not only an eyesore, but they can also be dangerous. Children can fall over tree stumps while running and playing in the yard, and elderly people can experience broken bones if they fall over them. If you have any tree stumps in your yard, it is in your best interest to have them professionally removed. Professional stump grinding cannot only ensure that your property is safe, but it can also help you save significant money.

Saves You From Spending Money on Foundation Repairs

Tree stumps still have root systems attached to them. Even though a tree is no longer present, these root systems continue to grow. Often, tree roots will grow until they encroach upon your foundation. When this happens, cracks conform, which can severely compromise the integrity of the structure of your home. When it rains, water can seep into cracks in your foundation and cause mold to grow. If this problem is left unchecked, your home will no longer be structurally sound. Small foundational repairs can average around $5000. However, more severe problems can cost approximately $20,000 or more. Professional stump grinding will eliminate the possibility of tree roots compromising the foundation of your home.

Prevents Paying for Sewer Line Repairs and Replacements

In addition to damaging the foundation of your home, tree roots can also damage your sewer line. Tree roots are attracted to water sources; thus, your sewer line will become a target. This is especially the case if your sewer line is older and has even the tiniest of cracks. A tree root can wedge its way into a crack in your sewer line that is the size of a pinhole, and it can continue to push through until the hole expands. Before you know it, you are contending with a severe blockage, or your sewer line is compromised to the point it needs to be replaced entirely.

A sewer line repair can cost anywhere between $200-$2000. A complete sewer line replacement can cost approximately $5000 or more.

Avoid Paying Medical Bills

Injuries from falls cost an average of $60-$500. This is, of course, if the injuries are minor. Falls that result in major injuries can cost several thousand dollars, especially if you need rehabilitation to return to everyday activities. Professional stump grinding will remove fall hazards from your yard.

If you notice any tree stumps in your yard, now is the time to have them removed. To ensure your property in Columbus, OH is safe and to keep money in your wallet, contact Bluegrass Tree & Lawn for professional stump grinding services.