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3 Reasons to Trim Trees Before Installing Holiday Decorations

With the holidays fast approaching, many homeowners have started thinking about the perfect way to decorate their houses. Although your outdoor trees offer you many great options for displaying hanging decorations and lights, they can also potentially cause serious problems.

Diseased, overgrown, or dead trees can make it seem like you don’t care about maintaining the appearance of your home and landscape. Worse, they can endanger you, a loved one, or anyone else visiting the property. Discover the main benefits of trimming trees and performing other types of related maintenance before decorating for the holidays.

1. Better Health and Safety for All

Trees and stumps can attract disease-carrying or property-damaging pests, such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, insects, and rodents. Expert tree professionals can detect plant diseases while they perform their work. Tree maintenance this time of year can help them notice a disease or pest problem and treat or remove a tree or stump before anything spreads.

Cooler weather can also make the area too dry. A professional can check every tree and provide a plan for dealing with hydration and nutrition issues. Tree trimming can also protect against cracking healthy tissue when cold air or wind causes a diseased or dying limb to break or snap off.

Of course, overall tree health isn’t the only thing you need to consider. An old or dead branch can look perfectly fine when you hang holiday decorations from it, right up until it falls on you or someone else. A diseased or old tree can fall on your home or vehicle, a visitor, or a neighbor’s property. An insurer might not cover the incident or any expensive repairs or medical treatments if they feel you didn’t keep up with an appropriate level of landscape maintenance.

2. Discovery of Maintenance Problems

Tree trimming can reveal various problems that would otherwise remain hidden until you experience an emergency. For example, one or more of the trees on your property might have roots cracking driveways and sidewalks or growing dangerously close to sewer and water lines. A tree trimming job before holiday decorating can help make you aware of these problems so that you can schedule a fix right away.

3. Faster Solutions in Cooler Temps

Our local climate supports tree maintenance during the last part of autumn and throughout winter. All trees during this time experience changes, especially deciduous trees. These types of trees commonly shed leaves in the fall to prepare for slow growth and winter dormancy, which makes it easier for professionals to examine the trees, discover any problems, and perform maintenance.

Trees experience no adverse impact from trimming and pruning by one or more tree experts this time of year. In fact, they can heal quickly. Although many pests don’t migrate or cause damage after the first cold spell or survive in cooler temperatures, professional trimming and pruning efforts can reveal and prevent any that continue to spread.

Take Advantage of the Holiday Season

The holiday season is the right time to improve the health of your trees, safeguard your landscape and guests, and create curbside appeal. We welcome our Columbus, OH neighbors to reach out to our Bluegrass Tree & Lawn team for more information about our tree trimming and pruning services or to schedule an appointment.