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Protect Your Family and Property With Professional Tree Removal

If you have a tree that has recently suffered storm damage or damage from pests, it may be dying. A dying or dead tree on your property can be a dangerous hazard to your family and passersby. For the safety of your household and neighborhood, you’ll need to address this issue quickly.

1. Dead Trees Drop Limbs

A dead or dying tree on your property will soon start to shed limbs. You may find that your roof, your vehicle or your planting beds are soon covered with small twigs. Larger branches will follow, especially if the weather becomes stormy and winds grow more intense.

2. Dead Trees Tip Over

A dead tree with a full canopy will provide less resistance to winds that whip up during a midwestern summer. However, dead trees are also brittle and more susceptible to such breakage. To make sure that your property and loved ones are not at risk of a falling tree, employ the services of a professional tree removal company. Experienced arborists can help you plan the removal of such a tree before it damages your home or takes out a power line.

3. Dead Trees Are Havens for Pests

If you have three oaks on your property and one of them is dead, you’re creating a feast for pests that will feed on your remaining trees. Reach out to a local arborist about the best tree to plant in place of the dead one, once the stump has been ground out.

It should be noted that there are beneficial critters that will move into a dead tree. Bees may choose to place a hive there. However, so will termites, ants and wasps. Some of these pests can be quite territorial. It will be safer to support pollinators by planting a new tree that offers blossoms than to try to maintain a dead tree for bees.

A dead tree on your property can also be an invitation for larger pests. Rodents may move in or bats create a roost into the hollow branches of a dead tree. The longer a dead tree stands on your property, the more creatures will make a home in there. Once the tree is gone, they’ll look for other places to relocate. Get the tree taken down as soon as possible to keep these pests away from your house and outbuildings.

To avoid trouble with a dead tree on your property in Columbus, Ohio, contact us at Blue Grass Tree & Lawn for an estimate on removing a dead tree. We can quickly provide you with an estimate and book your tree removal before it becomes more of a problem.