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tree punctures roof on house

Emergency Tree Service Requires Professional Assistance

Weather events like spring storms may require emergency tree service. This situation requires professional assistance. When you hire expert arborist, you can have the peace of mind of knowing that your issue is in good hands.

Trees Falling on Structures or Vehicles

When a tree or large branch falls on a building or car, it creates more than an inconvenience. Either of these situations pose a safety threat. Removing the tree as soon as possible makes it easier to assess the damage and repair it in less time.

If the tree is on your roof or carport, you risk further property damage if the tree removal isn’t completed properly. In some cases, removing the tree may require several steps. A professional service helps ensure that this task is done without creating any more damage.

Large Branches Hanging From Tree Canopies

When large tree branches hang down from the tree canopy, they are a risk to your safety and property. Bigger tree limbs often become loose because of spring storms. High winds can put pressure on these limbs, especially when they are already weakened.

These larger limbs are heavy and difficult for most people to manage. Injury is a real risk because of the size and weight of these limbs. Removing them requires equipment that most homeowners lack.

Leaning or Uprooted Trees

Leaning or uprooted trees are unstable and likely to give way. The full weight of a tree can cause massive damage. Any homeowner in this situation will appreciate professional help to avoid going from one serious problem to multiple serious problems.

When a tree in this situation comes down, the tree specialist needs to handle the situation carefully. If the tree moves the wrong way, it can cause injury or property damage. Arborists who handle emergency tree removal know how to cut down the trees without causing damage.

Additional Cleanup Tree Services

Depending on the circumstances, collaboration with the fire department or utility companies is sometimes necessary. Downed power lines present a shock or fire hazard. Collaboration with municipal authorities is necessary when a tree comes down on a road or sidewalk.

Your tree specialist can recommend additional services for a more thorough cleanup. Trunk grinding and removal completely eliminate ground-level obstacles that stumps create. Tree bracing and cabling are possible options to prevent other trees from falling.

When your circumstances require a rapid response for tree removal, it’s important to hire tree specialists who can handle the most difficult situations. When you need emergency tree services, contact our team at Bluegrass Tree & Lawn in Columbus, OH.