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Get Your Trees Checked While Dormant to Avoid Damage in the Future

Ohio weather conditions can be hard on trees, even trees that are acclimated to our weather. As soon as the leaves drop from the trees on your property, it is a good idea to bring in a professional to make sure they are safe and healthy. Regularly pruning during dormancy will reduce the risk of loss over time.

A Highly Dependent Ecosystem

It can take a lot of care to get a tree established in our climate. Whether you planted the trees on your property or bought your house with the landscaping in place, it is a good idea to get your trees checked out and pruned regularly once the leaves fall off.

After leaves drop, your arborist can note the overall shape of the tree. They may be able to see any nests in the branches. They can also make you aware of other creatures that could have taken refuge in your tree, such as wasps or hornets. Before the tree can be trimmed, it may be necessary to remove some of these pests or move pollinators. In any case, your arborist can make you aware of the risks involved.

Safe Access

Depending on the size of your yard and the access points, your arborist may need to trim the trees on your property without the help of a bucket or lift. If your arborist is working off a ladder or with an extender pole, the risks may be quite high.

You and your family will likely be encouraged to stay out of the yard as your tree professional assesses the trees, plans out the pruning, and actually trims away branches. Some branches may need to come down because they are rubbing on other branches. They may also be diseased or serve as a haven for stinging insects.

Planning an Exit

In any case, your arborist needs to be able to plan ahead for where the branch will fall and how to keep it from damaging the rest of the tree. One of the greatest risks when trimming a tree is tripping when getting away from a branch that is either falling wrong or falling sooner than the arborist expected.

Should a tree be a home for stinging insects, the tree trimmer may need to clear out quickly. As an observer, you may wonder why skilled tree trimmers stop and clear their path before cutting the next section or branch. A safe exit is always necessary.

The professionals at Bluegrass Tree & Lawn can provide your household with a plan for the safe trimming and pruning of your Columbus, OH trees. This diligent care means that the new growth will be in a much healthier direction. Give us a call today to learn more.