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Why Proper Tree Trimming Is Important

Along with fertilizing and watering, regular tree trimming is one of the most important tasks for maintaining healthy trees. It is the only procedure that encourages new growth by removing dead or diseased branches. Here’s what you need to know about why tree pruning is important.

Health Concerns

As trees age and become larger, they lose their vigor and ability to grow new branches. Younger and more vigorous trees can grow more new branches, with the potential of more foliage. Trees that are left to grow untrimmed will eventually lose their ability to produce food for new branches. This means that they will not be able to maintain a healthy condition. Properly trimming trees will stimulate new growth and also encourage new foliage.

Increase Your Yard’s Value

Trees can add significantly to your overall property value. However, if you allow your trees to grow untamed, they can become an eye-sore and actually decrease the value of your property. Regular trimming will keep your trees looking healthy and attractive, improving the overall look of your yard.

Encourages Fruit Production

Trees that are not trimmed only produce halfheartedly and have no chance of fruit production. When properly trimmed, the tree will produce more and better fruit, which is a sign that it has been encouraged to grow.

Dead Branches and Overgrowth Pose a Considerable Risk

Overgrown trees are more than just unsightly; they are also dangerous. When branches grow too large for the tree to properly support them, they can break off during high winds and heavy storms. Branches that fall from trees can damage your property and that of your neighbors. Worse, falling branches can also injure you or someone else if you happen to be near them when they break. Scheduling regular tree trimming will give you peace of mind that your trees are safe.

Trimming Reduces Pest Problems

The more overgrown your trees are, the more inviting they are to rodents and other pests. Also, overgrown tree branches that extend over your roof or other parts of your home make it easy for squirrels and other critters to access attics and crawl spaces. This can lead to all kinds of problems in your home. Moreover, having a professional trim your trees regularly gives them a chance to inspect the trees for signs of disease and infestation that might spread throughout your property.

Tree trimming and pruning are some of the most important and beneficial maintenance practices a homeowner can do for their property. If you are in Columbus, OH or the surrounding area, contact the professionals at Bluegrass Tree & Lawn, for top-notch trimming and pruning services today.