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Fallen tree in the front yard of a residential home after storm. The tree has been cut into sections before removal.

Here Are Signs Your Tree Is Dying and Should Be Removed

One of the many joys of owning a home in Columbus, OH is the chance to determine what you’re going to do with it. Many Columbus, OH homeowners love having a nice backyard with beautiful trees, including native species like the oak and purple-studded redbud. Unfortunately, all trees will eventually die, and some will do so prematurely. If you think one of your trees is dying, it’s time to have it removed this fall.

Lots of Sticks on the Ground

A healthy tree is one that has a lot of visible branches that are in good condition. Even in a healthy tree, it’s natural for the branches to drop some twigs from time to time. However, if you see lots of twigs on the ground next to a tree, this can be an indication there’s something wrong with it that’s causing the twigs to dry out. It’s a good idea to speak with our experts and have them inspect the tree or remove it if it’s sick and dying.

The Tree Is Leaning

When fall comes along, trees begin to drop their leaves. As they do so, this can make the structure of the tree more clearly visible. If you see the tree up close, you might notice that it isn’t upright. Even a minor lean in any direction can mean the tree is sick. You’ll need to have it examined further and see if the tree isn’t healthy.

No Leaves or Discolored Leaves

Autumn means many trees in Columbus, OH are changing color. If your tree’s leaves are changing color prior to the fall season, though, you definitely have an issue. When leaves die prematurely, it means that something is affecting the flow of nutrients. This could be pests or a root issue. Regardless of the cause, it means that your tree needs some attention and may need to be removed.

Falling Bark

A healthy tree is one where every part of it looks in perfect health, including the bark. Bark protects the trunk of the tree from any weather changes. If you see bark that is peeling or flaking, or you notice vertical cracks or missing bark, this means the tree may have underlying issues. Most likely, the tree is not getting enough nutrients due to disease. If this is the case, you’ll want to have the tree removed to prevent the disease from spreading to other trees.

If you think a tree is dying on your property, it’s time to speak to our experts. Speak with our arborists at Bluegrass Tree & Lawn right now and get it removed quickly.